The INUTI foundation runs a daily activity concentrated on Art work for people with intellectual disabilities.

We have two studios and a gallery all situated downtown Stockholm where about 40 people work. Fifteen of these are qualified supervisors with artistic, pedagogic and psychological experience.

Our work is built upon the law - LSS. A special law here in Sweden giving people with intellectual disabilities the right to support and a fulfilling daily activity of their own choice.

We look upon art as a means of communication and try to guide and help each individual to develop their personal style and proficiency, giving them means to express themselves in different ways.

This is a summary of our aims for this year

  • The possibility to grow as an independent and responsible being and develop as an artist in an understanding and creative atmosphere.
  • Development on a personal plain through concentrated work both individually and in a group under qualified artistic guidance.
  • A fullfilling daily activity with respect for each individual.

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